Shabbat Water

Water urn 60 cups/ 12 Liters

Heats and maintain constant high temperature of water on Shabbos

Approved for use on Shabbat and Holiday by the Institute of Science and Technology for Halacha led by Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Halperin

Approved for use without immersion (Tevilah) by Kosher KGC, Rabbi Eliyahu Cohen Rosenberg

Stainless steel Shabbat water urn with concealed heating element and 12 liters (60 cups) capacity
Suitable for heating and maintaining constant high temperature of water
Food grade Stainless steel body, does not rust and easy to clean
No thermostat interference, safe shabbat use
Can add water on Yom-Tov
Easy to read glass water gauge
Lid lock for extra safty
Dry boil protection with a safety shut-off and reset button
Shabbat keep warm function
Power: 1800w, Power in keep warm mode: 170w
Weight: 2.75Kg
Urn size: Diameter 28cm , Height 52cm
Package size: 29X29X57
Model:OL-WU 6007

Approved for Shabbat by the institute of science and Halacha
Free from water-submersion by the supervision of rabbi Eliyahu Rozenberg, Chief Rabbi of Guangzhou, China

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