Shabbat Toaster Oven with Top Hot Plate

A unique product!

Developed in collaboration with the Institute of Science and Technology for Halacha.

טוסטר אובן משולב פלטת שבת

מוצר ייחודי! 

פיתוח בשיתוף פעולה עם המכון המדעי טכנולוגי להלכה.

We invite you to enjoy two worlds-

An integrated toaster oven, in which at the push of a button, the upper part turns into a Shabbat warmer try

and the inner part switches to heat preservation mode.

Move the device to Shabbat mode and enjoy
the Shabbat warmer try in the upper part of the device and a compartment to preserve heat in the interior of the toaster.
even heat preservation, without a thermostat throughout Shabbat,
With an economical heat consumption of only 500W.
Turbo fan for even heat distribution in the toaster cavity in normal use.
Ideal for baking and grilling.

Approved to Use by the Institute of Science and Technology for Halacha, established by Rabbi Halperin ZT”L