Or Le Shabbat Kettle

An Exclusive Patent of Or Le Shabbat!

There is no need for a water urn
To enjoy a hot drink on Shabbat

An elegant, safe and kosher kettle

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Exclusive patent!
A unique mechanism for locking the kettle to the base, which prevents the kettle from being activated after it has been switched to the Shabbat mode.
Safety mechanism for automatic disconnection, which prevents dry heating of the device.
Double wall for cold external touch.
High-quality BPA-free stainless steel water tank.
2 Liters / about 12 glasses of water.


 Approved for use without immersion (Tevilah) by  Rabbi Eliyahu Cohen Rosenberg.

It is also Approved to Use by the Institute of Science and Technology for Halacha, established by Rabbi Halperin ZT”L.